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Valley Center Zoning Application

The current method of processing this application is that the user goes to the city website, opens up the pdf form, enters the information, prints it out, signs it and then either faxes it to the number on the form, mail it in, or drops it off at the city hall.
The city uses a system called InCode, which is an HR software that has been expanded to also include some permitting.
When the signed form is received, apparently it is logged somewhere and then it is data entered into the InCode system.
How the citizen makes payment for this application is unclear. I didn't find a payment portal, from the form, it looks like they can give them a check.
With just 60 of these being processed a year, it doesn't look to be all that labor intensive, however, every time data is handled, there is always a chance of inducing errors.

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This entire process has been automated with the exception of automatic transfer of the data from the FormDriver database into the InCode database which can be fully automated using Convert-a-base™.
Using the FormBuilder™ technology, we were able to build the basic form in just 35 minutes, then with an additional 30 minutes, cleaned it up including hiding and showing sections relative to the Modification Type.
Added field formating as well as calculations where the pdf before had none.
Re-authoring the pdf document took just 30 minutes and creating the database from the html form took just 4 seconds including creating the report you can use below.
All total, it took just over 90 minutes to fully automate this form, tie it into a database, and create reports for updating status of these applications.
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Valley Center Zoning Report

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