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Cosmetology Licensing

This demo was built to demonstrate how quickly the State of Kansas' Cosmetology License Testing and Renewal process could be. This system was built in just 5 days and included a "New" application, the 20 Questions Exam, Grading the exam, the Application, the PDF application for wet signature and to be sent in with payment information, and the Certificate.

This demo has been modified to demonstrate about 95% of the features of the FormDrivertm technology. It utilizes the "Menu" or "Navigation" method of keeping track of progress. The 20 Question test has been broken into 2 parts and for ease of demonstration answers 18 of the questions for you, just answer questions 19 and 20.

When finished, we demonstrate the ability to grade the test so you get immediate results and will either allow you to proceed or terminate the process.

At the Exam Grading page, you'll be given the option to proceed to the "Application" which in this case is in HTML with special hide/unhide features for sections like the U.S. Citizen section. Unchecking the checkbox will display the questions needed for completing the Application.

You can then proceed to the PDF Application, make a couple of changes in the fields outlined in RED, then update the database and write those changes into a Read-Only PDF Application to be printed, signed, and sent into the appropriate agency.

Then as a "Board" administrator, you will go to the Demos page and click the Department Report below to enter a password (formdriver) to generate a list of applicants that need your attention. Click on one of the names and it will take you to the Application for you to finish verification of payment received and logging in the update, then generating the PDF License that will be sent to the applicant instead of printing the License Certificate, addressing an envelope, putting the Cerificate in the envelope and mailing to the Applicant.

Feel free to test this as much as you like, you can't break the system. A "test" License number has already been entered, simply walk through the process.
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Cosmetology License Renewal Form

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Cosmetology License Applicants List

A designated Board of Cosmetology administrator will get an email when an Application is completed.
They will click on the link in the email which will bring them to a page like this, for them to enter a password to generate a report specific to their state.
Enter the password listed below and generate the List of applicants, select one and finish the process of marking paid and generating the Certificate.
Applicant List Report